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Senior Programmer – Generalist

This position requires a high attention to detail, superior people skills, as well as extensive experience in game development. The needs are varied, so be ready to fill in a wide range of rolls , including: Animation, Graphics, Trigonometry/3D Math. Candidates are expected to be proactive in identifying potential problems and protect the team from unwelcome surprises.

The ideal candidate has experience working with a cross disciplinary team on a large codebase and has a passion for implementing systems and frameworks that will be used by the more junior programmers on the team.


• Has 5+ years of software development experience, mostly in game development.

• Emphasizes maintainability, scalability and defect-free coding via well factored code and CS fundamentals

• Work closely with designers to implement gameplay features and functionality using the Unreal Engine.

• Create or improve tools as necessary to support specific features/systems

• Conducts analysis to solve problems

Basic Qualifications:

• Has 5+ years of software development experience, mostly in game development.

• Track record of shipped titles

• Past experience with Unreal on the C++ side. (Unreal 4 is preferred, but 3 is acceptable)

• Ability to work autonomously often, but collaborate when needed.

• Coordinates effectively in team environments

• Communicates very well in written and verbal form

• Delivers enterprise software in Agile environments

• A natural curiosity for all aspects of game development and a willingness to work on a wide variety of game systems.


• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field

Please email to apply.


Lead Game Designer

This position requires a high attention to detail and superior people skills, as well as extensive experience in game design and development. This person leads by example and inspires our teams to create AAA content. To succeed, you must be able to take charge of creative teams and have excellent technical game design skills. Our Leads are expected to lead by doing, creating content alongside the team they manage, and motivating them.


• Establishes creative direction for all games

• Follows the latest trends in game design and development

• Collaborates with leads to ensure deliverables in each discipline seemlessly intertwine with one another during game development

• Promotes great design from pre-production through development

• Guides each designer to follow practical, efficient, and effective design principles

• Constantly seeks avenues to improve production processes

• Oversees the creation of design documents, presentations, etc.

• Focuses on innovation, productivity, and quality

• Rapid prototyping

Basic Qualifications:

• 7+ years of design experience in the video game industry

• Developed 5+ titles that have launched on more than one of the following platforms: 1) PC, 2) Sony PlayStation 4, 3) Microsoft Xbox One, or 4) Nintendo Switch

• Held the role of a Senior Game Designer or Lead Game Designer for 2+ years

• Passionate about launching high-quality games

• Understands engineering principles that are tied to design implementations

• Proven experience in using Unreal (e.g. aware of current features, gameplay programming in C++, etc.).

• Excellent problem solver

• Proficiency in these soft skills: 1) effective verbal/written communication, 2) team work, 3) leadership, 4) managing change, and 5) motivation.


• Bachelor’s

Please email to apply.